Postgraduate study awards and prizes

School of Psychology

Andrew Robertson Postgraduate Travel Bursary

Award type: Cheque
Amount: to be determined by the School

This bursary is awarded in memory of Andrew Robertson, a Keele graduate. It is available to postgraduate research students to make it possible for them to attend international conferences to give papers, to participate in poster displays, to undertake research trips or pieces of fieldwork, or similar activities. The bursary is awarded to members of Andrew Robertson's department: Psychology and Computer Science. Applications are invited annually and should be made to the Andrew Robertson Travel Bursary Committee via the Department of Psychology. Applications must provide a letter of support from their supervisor and documentation supporting all costs claimed. Awards are made at the discretion of the Andrew Robertson Travel Bursary Committee and if, in any year, the Committee feels it is not appropriate to make an award, the interest will be added to the capital sum.

This prize will be listed on the student transcript.

MSc Psychology Programmes Highest Achievement Award

Award type: Cheque
Amount: £100

This prize is awarded annually to the student who achieves the highest overall grade across any of the MSc Psychology programmes. If more than one student shares the highest overall grade then the prize will be shared by all students achieving the highest overall grade and the reward amount will be shared between all recipients.

This prize will be listed on the student transcript and will be announced at graduation