I want to change my course

Thinking of changing course?

You may find talking to an Student Adviser in the Student Services Centre (Tawney Building) or a Careers Adviser a useful next step in helping you to understand your options and decide the best way forward. With its broad range of degree combinations Keele does offer flexibility and it is often possible to change to another course at certain times of year. However you do need to meet the entry requirements, have or are able to pass enough core modules in the new subject and there are vacancies on the course. You would also have to change within the first three weeks of either Semester One or Semester Two.

 It may also be helpful to speak to some of the following people to inform your decision:

  • Your Personal Tutor
  • Friends, family or others who know you well
  • Students on alternative courses you might be considering
  • Course Directors in the new subject you are interested in studying.


How to Change Course

If you do want to change course you should discuss this request with your Personal Tutor and the Course Director of the New CourseThey will advise you about the entry requirements and credits you need to make this change. If they are able to accept you onto the course you can then submit your request using Evision. Access it by logging on to the KLE, choosing 'The Office' from the menu on the right, and then selecting eVision.