We respect your rights to privacy. We have in place security measures to protect your personal data and will manage your personal data in accordance with applicable data privacy regulations. The information that you provide to us will be recorded on our central system, Titanium. We will process this data so that we can provide you with the advice, guidance and support services we offer as part of the contract we have with you and as part of our core services as a public body.

To offer free and confidential counselling, we need to keep brief records of your contact with us but you should expect any such records to be minimal, factual and free of judgement.

We will not routinely inform your academic school, family, partner or your GP that you attend the service unless you request us to do so. 

The Counselling and Mental Health Support Service works to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and will uphold your confidentiality at all times, unless there are significant concerns about your safety or the safety of other people.  We will always talk to you about confidentiality and permission to use or share personal or sensitive information when we first meet with you.  

The factual data you give to the service, including the dates you attend for counselling, are held securely in a bespoke computer database that is only accessible by our staff. We use this data to compile anonymous statistics about the use of the service, including presenting issues and concerns students bring.

To see the University's statement of how we use personal data, please look at the privacy notice for students.