Crime, social justice and policing

Keele has a long and well established record of producing high quality, innovative and sophisticated research in the fields of criminology, socio-legal studies, criminal justice policy, social exclusion, social justice, community cohesion and resilience, public policy and related topic areas. We have an extensive range of contacts with criminal justice, public sector and third sector agencies and an excellent track record of partnership working with external agencies to produce imaginative and theoretically informed research which has real world impacts and implications.

Cluster Leader: Dr Tony Kearon

Members of this research team also make a significant contribution to the development and extension of criminological knowledge and social theory in general – helping to locate current, emerging and future potential challenges in their wider cultural and socio economic context. This in turn contributes to our ability to work with partners in ‘horizon scanning’, the prompt identification and analysis of emerging challenges and the formulation of strategies for proactive early intervention.

Our research team covers a wide range of specialist knowledge and expertise – the range of specialisms within the team is constantly developing but currently includes areas such as:

  • Criminal Justice Policy
  • Policing
  • Community Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Prisons and Prison Policy
  • Punishment in the Community
  • Probation, rehabilitation and desistance
  • Gender and Punishment
  • Gender and Crime
  • The Third Sector and voluntary Groups
  • Communities, community cohesion and resilience
  • Drug and Alcohol dependency/misuse and crime
  • Victims of Crime
  • Fear of Crime and community re-assurance
  • Domestic Violence
  • Migration, Immigration and Crime
  • Urban change, Urban regeneration and conflict
  • Risk, Safeguarding and Vulnerability
  • Technology in Policing, crime prevention and crime reduction.
  • Environmental Crime
  • White Collar Crime and Commercial Crimes
  • Public perceptions of Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Public confidence in Criminal Justice agencies.
  • Social change, social attitudes and social conflict
  • Knowledge transfer and the development of research informed practice.

Postgraduate research and study

Members of the research team also supervise and support a large group of students engaging in post-graduate studies through our PhD programme,  Professional Doctorate, MA, Post-Graduate Diploma and Post-Graduate Certificate.  We are always happy to discuss ideas and options for postgraduate study with prospective students.

Current and recent research projects

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