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All new students will be required to enrol with the University prior to commencing their studies. 

Unless you are told otherwise, you will have to enrol in person ensuring you bring appropriate ID and any other documents that have been requested.

September Starters:

Enrolment usually takes place on the weekend prior to the start of the Autumn Semester. You will receive an email from Student Records which will give you details of when you should arrive and and what enrolment event to attend. You will also receive further information in your Freshers Pack.  You can also refer to the relevant Enrolment Handbooks for more details on what is happening over the Enrolment period.  These will be available for the next academic year as soon as possible.

Non-September Starters:

Unless you are advised otherwise you will need to come to the Student Services Centre in the Tawney Building to complete your enrolment on or before your first day.


All students who will be continuing their studies into the next academic year, regardless of their location of study, must re-register with the University to formally confirm that this is their intention.

To enable this to take place, all continuing students will receive an email over the summer vacation, to their Keele email address, requesting them to re-register and advising them of how to complete the re-registration process.

If you do not receive this email by mid September, or have any questions about re-registering, please contact the Student Services Centre on 01782 734481 or by email to However, please do not contact them prior to this, as the date you are requested to re-register will vary over the summer vacation, depending upon the course you are studying and your particular circumstances - please see below.

For the majority of degree courses, progression decisions will be communicated to students by email to your Keele email address around the first two weeks in July and if you are allowed to proceed to your next level of study, you will be requested to re-register at that point. However, if you are required to take reassessment over the summer vacation before progression to your next level of study can be confirmed, you will be contacted in early September with a progression decision. If you are allowed to proceed at that point, you will be requested to re-register then.

If you are studying a course where progression is administered by the School running that course, or where the course has no formal progression process, you will be requested to re-register once we have received confirmation from your School that you can continue your studies in the next academic year.

It is very important that you re-register promptly upon receipt of the email requesting you to do so. 

It is essential that you re-register with the university. If you do not, then you may lose access to certain University facilities, such as computing and email, and if you are entitled to a student loan, this will not be paid into your bank account. Ultimately, if you fail to re-register, you will be deemed to have withdrawn from the University.

Please note that if you owe fees to the University, you may not be able to re-register until this debt has been repaid or an agreement has been made for repayment of these fees.

We recommend that you access your Keele email daily during the semester and regularly over the summer vacation to check for any important messages.

If you have any queries about accessing your email please telephone the IT Service Desk on 01782 733838 or email

Student Loan Company

Once you have enrolled/re-registered with the University your student loan will be released into your account within 3-5 working days.

Ensure that you have signed and returned your declaration. This can take up to 5 working days (dependent on the time of year) to be processed by the Student Loan Company.

If Keele University was not your first choice of institution

Your student loan may be delayed if your payment schedule does not state Keele University. Please contact the Student Loan Company to change and update these details. Once you have received your new payment schedule stating Keele University you will then receive your loan, again within 3-5 working days.

If you are still having difficulties

Please visit the Student Service Centre in the Tawney Building. You must bring your student support number (provided by the Student Loan Company-starts SFDU) and any other relevant information.


If you have a problem with your timetable please contact Timetabling by emailing them at

Personal Details

Updating Personal Details:

You are required to provide evidence in order to make changes to personal details such as your name or date of birth (passport/marriage certificate/deed poll), marital status (marriage certificate) and gender (deed poll). Please click here to complete the Personal Details Change Request Form 


Updating Addresses:

You can change your address details by logging onto eVision.  Please follow the instructions carefully to complete the form on-line.

Confirmation of Student Status

We now provide the facility to print your own Student Status Letter from eVision. This facility also enables you to save a copy of the letter which will allow you to forward it on to third parties if required. You can do this by logging into eVision clicking on the 'Common Actions' button on the home page and then select the 'My Status Letter' button.

Council Tax Exemption

Full-time students living on campus do not have to pay Council Tax.  However, if you are living in accommodation off campus, your local council may have already asked you to provide proof that you are a full-time student, before confirming that you are exempt from paying Council Tax.

September Starters & Returning Students:
A list of names of all full-time students, is sent to Newcastle Borough Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Cheshire East County Council, during the third week of October. (If you are required to enrol/re-register with the University for the Academic Year then you must have enrolled/re-registered, or your name will not be included on the list.) 
This will confirm to them that you are a full-time student at Keele University and the councils have confirmed to us that they will not require any further proof of your status as a full-time student and that they will wait for this list to be sent to them.
Therefore, if you live within the boundaries of these councils, you do not need to provide any further proof of your student status to them and you do not need to apply for a Status Letter unless asked to do so by the council.

Non September Starters or Not living in the local areas:
If you started your course after mid October or you do not live within either Newcastle Borough Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council or Cheshire East County Council, you can obtain a status letter from eVision. There is also the facility to save a copy of the letter which will allow you to forward on the letter if required.

You will find the Student Status Letter function on your homepage of eVision - the button is located at the bottom of the screen.

If you are not a full-time student, then Advice and Support at Keele (ASK) will give you further information about this.


If you have a query in relation to your fees please visit student finance reception in the Tawney Building (entrance B).

Term Dates

Semester Dates for 2017/8

Autumn Semester 25 September 2017 21 January 2018
Christmas Vacation 16 December 2017     07 January 2018  
Spring Semester 22 January 2018 08 June 2018
Easter Vacation 24 March 2018 15 April 2018


Term Dates for 2017/8

Autumn Term 25 September 2017 15 December 2017
Christmas Vacation 16 December 2017 07 January 2018
Spring Term 08 January 2018 23 March 2018
Easter Vacation 24 March 2018 15 April 2018
Summer Term 16 April 2018 08 June 2018


For students who have not previously received their certificate:

Certificate requests need to be made in writing to, stating your full name, date of birth, what year you graduated, the course you studied, where you would like the certificate posting and enclose evidence of your address (i.e. copies of either a Utility Bill or Driving Licence).

For students who have damaged their certificate:

You are required to return your damaged certificate along with a request which needs to be made in writing (with a signature) to Certificates, Student Records and Examinations Office, Student and Academic Services, Tawney Building, Keele University, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG, stating your full name, date of birth, what year you graduated, the course you studied, where you would like the certificate posting and enclose evidence of your address (i.e. copies of either a Utility Bill or Driving Licence). This service is free of charge.

For students who have lost their certificate:
If you lose your certificate a duplicate certificate can be produced.  
The University will make a charge of currently £50 (fifty pounds sterling) and require a signed affidavit (from a solicitor) stating that the original certificate is no longer in your possession and that you are unable to recover it. If you are unsure if you have ever received your certificate, please contact us so that we can check our records prior to making a payment. The affidavit must be signed both the solicitor and yourself, it must be printed on letter headed paper or stamped by the solicitor's stamp. You can either pay by cheque, which would need to be made payable to Keele University and posted to Certificates, Student Records & Exams, Student and Academic Services, Tawney Building, Keele University, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG, or you can make an online payment by clicking hereIf you have any difficulties making payment online please contact the Income Office on 01782 734323. 
All requests for duplicate certificates need to be made in writing (to you must include your full name, date of birth and a form of ID (eg. Passport, Driving license, National ID card), also the year you graduated, the course you studied, where you would like the certificate posting and enclose evidence of your address (i.e. copies of either a Utility Bill or Driving Licence).
Please be aware that we can only issue one duplicate certificate.




Confirmation of Degree/Award letters

After you have completed your course, and providing this has been awarded by the University Senate, Student Records and Examinations Team can provide you with a letter confirming your award. This is subject to you not being in debt to the University. Currently no charge is made for this service.

Contact: Student Records and Examinations, 01782 734000, email


Undergraduate degree students

If you are an undergraduate degree student graduating from 2014 onwards, with the exception of those students studying Medicine, you will be issued with a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which replaces and enhances the previous paper-based transcript. The HEAR is an electronic document that will provide you with a single record of your academic and other achievements whilst at University. During the academic year, all eligible students will receive an email asking them to register with Gradintel, the University's chosen supplier to deliver the HEAR. Please ensure you register upon receipt of that email. Once registered you will be able to view your HEAR document on-line and also, if you wish, share this securely with potential employers, other universities and anyone else of your choice by sending them an electronic token.

Prior to obtaining your degree award, your HEAR document will be 'Formative', showing the module results and other activities and achievements obtained since your HEAR document was last updated by the University. Once your degree award has been awarded by the University's Senate, your HEAR document will become 'Final'. You will be able to view and share both your Formative and your Final HEAR document.

Full information about the HEAR can be found by going to

If, before receiving your email to register with Gradintel, you require a formal document listing your module results achieved to date, you may request a paper-based Interim Transcript. Please see below for details.

Postgraduate and other undergraduate students

All other students will continue to receive a paper-based Final Transcript with their degree certificate, free of charge, after their award has been agreed by the University's Senate. Further copies of the Final Transcript can be supplied at a cost of ten pounds (sterling) for five copies.

Prior to obtaining your award, you may request an Interim Transcript, detailing your agreed module results achieved to date. Interim Transcripts are generally required by students in their final year of study for job or further study applications, or students who have withdrawn or wish to transfer to another institution. These are issued free of charge on application. They should not be considered a means of obtaining module results for personal interest, since this information can be obtained by logging into your eVision account. Please note that module results from your final semester of study will only appear on your Final Transcript, once approved through the University's Senate.

Students who left the University prior to 2014

There is an standard charge for academic transcripts of five copies for ten pounds (sterling) (which includes postage to one destination) and a further one pound (sterling) for each additional transcript requested at the same time. 

If you are eligible to request a transcript; You can make this request in writing to, you must either contact us from your Keele account or include your full name, date of birth, the year you graduated, the course you studied, if you require an electronic or hard copy. If you require a hard copy please also include where you would like the transcript posting.

Postgraduate students who left the University prior to 2005

If you are in need of a transcript for your postgraduate study please contact the Course Administrator at the relevant School. A list of Schools and contact details can be found at the following link:

Erasmus, Exchange or Study Abroad students

If you attended Keele as an Erasmus, Exchange or Study Abroad student, and require further copies of your transcript, you should contact Global Education on for further information.

Keele Card

Support for any Keele Card related matters, including new/replacement cards, problems with loading funds etc is provided by:

IT Connect in the IT Suite of the Library Building


IT Service Desk in IC1 (by prior appointment only)

Contact details:

Data Protection

Any information/data that the University holds about each student is always used within the University's regulations under the Data Protection Act of 1998. For more information on how the University uses your data and details of how to request a copy of your data, please click here.

HESA Data Collection

Please see the link below for further information on the HESA Data Collection.

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