I’m an experimental and quantitative psychologist from Australia with an interest in cultural evolution and understanding human cumulative culture. Specifically I study ritual, groups, social learning, and supernatural beliefs. My research involves working with both children and adults across diverse cultures. I have also worked with databases, and dabbled in formal simulations, and hope to extend this work further. I am committed to supporting transparent practices, including open science, pre-registration, and publishing datasets and material. 

I obtained my PhD in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, Australia with Associate Professor Mark Nielsen, followed by a three-year postdoctoral research position in the School of Anthropology at Oxford University with Professor Harvey Whitehouse. 
You can read more about my research at or at my google.scholar page


  • Module Team Member PSY-10033 Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-10036 Introduction to Research Design for Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-10038 Science Communication
  • Module Team Member PSY-20012 Developmental and Social Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-20043 Qualitative & Survey Research Design
  • Module Leader PSY-30125 Culture and Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-40039 Advanced Research Skills and Design



  • Open Day and Offer Holder Day Team Member
  • MSc Child Development Programme Lead
  • Open Science Champion
  • Undergraduate Personal Tutor

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