I was appointed Professor to the School of Psychology in September 1999. Previously I was a Chair (Head) of the Department of Psychology at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. I was an Assistant and then Associate Professor in that department for 16 years. I received my: (a) first degree (Honours BA) at the University of Waterloo, (b) my second degree (MA) from the University of Guelph, and (c) my final degree (Ph.D.) from the University of Western Ontario. I received all degrees in the field of psychology.  I am a member of the Institute of Life-Course Studies.

Research and scholarship

I received on March 2006 the Social Scientist 40th Anniversary Award as one of the top 20 social scientists in the history of Lakehead University Also, received in April 1997 the Distinguished Researcher Award from Lakehead University which is given each year to the faculty member who has: (a) made significant contributions to research, (b) displayed consistent scholarly performance, and (c) shown evidence of consistent and significant contribution to the training of graduate students.  I was the first faculty member in the Social Sciences to have received that award in the history of Lakehead University. I have published approximately 70 papers almost all in international level journals and as the principal author. In addition, I have completed 3 books with one more approaching completion as well as 11 chapters in those books. I have reviewed for 8 granting agencies for various countries (e.g., Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States) and currently serve as a Member of the Assessor College for Postdoctoral Fellowships for ESRC in the United Kingdom. I have reviewed for 25 journals comprising the highest ranked journals in the fields of Social Psychology, Eating Disorders, and Developmental Psychology. I have supervised 17 Masters Theses to completion (my former institution only offered MA degrees) and 1 Ph.D. Thesis to completion. I am supervising 4 more Ph.D. students who are at various stages of completing their theses.

My area of expertise spans Social Psychology and Social Development. Currently, I am conducting research on: (a) the factors contributing to, and the consequences of, loneliness across development; (b) the factors contributing to, and the consequences of, trust across development and cultures; (c) the effects of the characteristics of defendant and jury members on jury deliberations; (d) trust in legal professionals; (e) the implications of children’s trust in health professions for medical treatment; (f) the effects of written emotional expression on early adolescents’ health, and (g) the relation between attribution styles and eating disorders.

 Ken's first 100 papers in the field

Picture of Kens 'My first 100 Papers in the field'


Year 1

  • PSY-10001 : Individuals and Society 1
  • PSY-10003 : Mechanisms and Principles

Year 2

  • PSY-20012 : Developmental and Social Psychology

Year 3

  • PSY-30018 : Disclosure Processes in Children and Adolescents
  • PSY-30061 : Final Year Project

Year 4

  • PSY-40012 : Theory and Methodology


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