Cyberpsychology and Social Research Laboratory

Virtual Reality - VR

The school has a Cyberpsychology and Social Research Laboratory equipped with a HTC Vive VR Headset. The VR set allows users to move around a room and interact using two custom handsets, making the experience highly immersive. Many interactive experiences are available for the Vive and users can interact with a fully 3D playing environment through the equipment. Full-360 videos can also be played, meaning a user can feel like they are actually in a particular environment which will change and respond in real-time as they look around.

The VR set has a number of research applications including:

  • Allowing users to visually interact with others not physically present 
  • Present users with stimuli which may otherwise be dangerous; e.g. the top of a high building for someone with acrophobia
  • Provide users with the visual and audio experiences of another person; e.g. a simulation of how a child with autism may view the world
  • Examine what effect immersive visual environments have on psychological processes
  • Compare how profound the effects of VR environments are, and if they give rise to long-lasting changes, e.g. prejudice reduction