University of Keele Act 1962

An Act to dissolve the University College of North Staffordshire and to transfer all the property and liabilities of that college to the University of Keele, can be found here

University Charter

The Royal Charter was granted to Keele University in 1962 by Queen Elizabeth II (providing university status) for the advancement of knowledge, the diffusion and extension of arts, science and learning, the provision of liberal, professional and technological education and for the incorporation and furtherance of the Charter granted to the University College of North Staffordshire. The Charter can be found here

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University Statutes

The Statutes contain the fundamental constitutional and governance provisions of the University, defining the structures, objects and powers. Statutes can be found here


University Ordinances

The Ordinances set out, in more detail than Statutes, the rules for the conduct of the University’s business. They establish key organisational structures such as Faculties, Schools and Research Institutes and also distribute the authority of Council to executive officers. They contain provisions regarding the Senate and the academic governance of the University, including disciplinary, appeals and grievance procedures.  Ordinances can be viewed here.               

University Regulations

The Regulations contain principles and standards designed to control or govern conduct or provide direction at a more detailed level than Ordinances. These Regulations apply to all members of the University, including students and can be found here.