Directorate of Human Resources

To work in collaboration, in building a sustainable high performance organisation in which all staff feel properly engaged and who are enabled to make an effective and relevant contribution.

Welcome to the website for the Directorate of Human Resources

The Directorate provides a diverse range of services to staff here at Keele University and is organised across 3 principal areas of service: Human Resources, Learning and Professional Development and Occupational Health and Safety.

Human Resources - Led by Rachel Adams and responsible for the provision of operational and specialist HR services across the University. 

Learning and Professional Development Centre – Led by Jackie Potter and responsible for centralised professional development support to all staff groups across the University

Department of Occupational Health and Safety – led by Ian Williamson who ensures statutory Heath and Safety compliance and provides a range of staff and student facing health support services – including a full staff occupational health service and staff wellbeing facility

The Directorate is responsible also for the provision of the Day Nursery.

The Directorate works collaboratively across all areas of the University in support of its strategic vision which is headlined at the top of this introduction.

Details of the services we provide and the people who provide them are included across our webpages. We hope you find these  informative and easy to navigate – We are especially hopeful that our new photo galleries will enable you put faces to names and help you get to know us better.

All good wishes

Rachel Adams


Director of Human Resources

Rachel Adams ext 34619 email;