Appeals against Student Discipline decisions

Student discipline appeals are initiated by the student in accordance with Regulation B1, section 12

The purpose of the appeals process is to allow all students to appeal against decisions of Authorised Officers and the Discipline Committee.


What are the grounds for appeal?

Appeals may only be made on one or both of the following grounds:

a) Procedural irregularity in the conduct of the case.

b) There is new evidence that can be substantiated, including exceptional circumstances, which was not known at the time, and may have affected the outcome had it been known to the Authorised Officer/Committee and that there is a valid reason for not making it known at the time.

What is the deadline for submitting an appeal?

You must submit your appeal in writing to the Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Manager within 10 calendar days (not including University closed days or Bank Holidays, but including weekends) from the date of the letter sent to you informing you of the decision of the Authorised Officer/Committee. Your appeal should specify the grounds and whether it is against conviction or penalty or both. Any supporting evidence should also be sent with your appeal.

What happens once an appeal has been submitted?

Following submission of the appeal, the Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Manager will consult with the Head of Academic Quality and Student Conduct.  If it is clear that that there is no case (i.e. you have not fulfilled one or both of the grounds for the appeal to be considered), the appeal will be rejected.  The Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Manager will so advise you in writing, stating the reasons why.   If there is a case for appeal, a meeting of the Discipline Committee/Discipline Appeals Committee will be convened and you will be invited to attend.

You will be given no less than 7 calendar days’ notice of the date, time and location of the hearing.  

Appeals against the decision of an Authorised Officer will be heard by the Discipline Committee. Appeals against the decision of the Discipline Committee will be heard by the Discipline Appeals Committee.  The members of the Discipline Appeals Committee  considering the appeal must be different to the original Discipline Committee.

Details about the Student Conduct Panel, Discipline Committee and the Discipline Appeals Committee can be found on the Student Discipline web page.

Which Form should I use to submit an appeal?

The form for all students to submit an appeal can be downloaded here - Discipline Appeal Form‌.

With the form are detailed guidance notes on how to fill the form in.

If you require the form or any other materials in an alternative format, please let us know. On request we can provide you with an electronic copy, enlarged print on coloured paper, audio recordings or Braille. 

Who can I go to for advice?

Independent advice on making an appeal can be obtained from:

Advice & Support at Keele, Students’ Union

Tel: 01782 734800 



If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Team.

Where do I submit an appeal?

The appeal should be emailed, posted or hand delivered to the Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Team.  In order to assist the team in processing appeals as quickly as possible, it would be preferable if you sent your appeal by email to Please note that appeals will only be accepted electronically if they have been emailed from your Keele email account. 

If it is not possible to email the appeals and/or supporting documents the appeal should be posted to:


Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Manager

Student and Academic Services

Tawney Building

Keele University





If the appeal is sent by post it is recommended that you use a recorded delivery service. The University may require you to submit proof of postage (available free from the Post Office in the UK) to confirm your appeal was submitted by the deadline.