Covid-19 cases at Keele

On this page you will find information about confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Keele University, along with information about how we are supporting students and staff. We aim to update this page daily.

Daily confirmed cases

The figures on this page show the number of confirmed cases over the last seven days.

The data is for:

  • Keele University students who are living on campus
  • Keele University students who are living off campus
  • Keele University staff

Daily new confirmed cases:

  On campus Off campus  
16 Oct 2020 4 3 0
17 Oct 2020 1 1 0
18 Oct 2020 1 5 1
19 Oct 2020
2 5 1
20 Oct 2020 5 5 4
21 Oct 2020 3 4 2
22 Oct 2020
7 6 0

Due to data verification and test results confirmation, there may occasionally be a short delay in updating results - these cases will be reported on the date that they were verified, although they may relate to earlier dates of testing. The table above will show a rolling 7 days' worth of data. Date shown on graph below is the publication date which includes new cases from the previous day, midnight to midnight.

Total confirmed cases

Since 18th September 2020 there have been 97 confirmed student cases off campus, 60 confirmed student cases on campus (157 student cases in total, 99 of which are now closed), and 10 confirmed staff cases (4 cases closed).

We currently have 101 students self-isolating on campus, and 93 students self-isolating off campus, and have a full package of services in place to support them during this time.

We have around 1,500 staff members, and typically have a student body of around 10,000.

We are committed to supporting our community, both locally and nationally, in the response to COVID-19.

We have a wide range of support measures in place for our students - if you need support, we are always here to help.

A vaccine to combat COVID-19 is set to be manufactured at Keele University, following an agreement between Cobra Biologics and AstraZeneca UK.

What happens if someone at Keele tests positive for Covid-19?

We have prepared extensively for positive cases of Covid-19 in the Keele community, and are following a detailed outbreak management plan, led by a dedicated Covid Response Team (CRT).

The CRT has been established to act as the first line of our response, coordinating all information relating to suspected and confirmed cases of Covid-19 in staff and students.

Should a case of Covid-19 be identified, the CRT will coordinate a rapid response, ensuring that all actions required by the local Health Protection Team are implemented, including:

  • assisting with the identification of close contacts to enable effective contact tracing
  • notifying wider University services so that necessary steps can be taken, such as additional deep cleaning
  • liaising with local health protection teams and NHS
  • providing guidance and support to students and staff who are self-isolating

How we are supporting students

We have a range of measures in place to support students who need to self-isolate due to Covid-19.

We understand that this will be a challenging time for students, and will provide them with detailed information and support throughout their self-isolation period.

This includes:

  • Regular communication from our Covid Response Team and other University teams
  • Clear guidance on how to self-isolate
  • Supporting students to remain in their student households, and delivering clear communications to their household instructing them to all self-isolate
  • Supporting students who need help accessing food or other vital supplies such as medicine and toiletries, whether on or off-campus
  • Offering support through our Student Services team, including wellbeing and mental health support
  • Providing alternative arrangements for access to academic sessions, including a flexible, digital approach, with any in-situ sessions having an online alternative, or re-scheduled to a later point in the academic year
  • Ensuring that students know what to do if they have symptoms of Covid-19, and providing clear guidance on how to access an NHS test

How we are supporting staff

We have a range of measures in place to support staff who need to self-isolate due to Covid-19, including;

  • Guidance on notifying the University if they test positive for Covid-19
  • Clear guidance on self-isolation
  • Support for staff that need to care for a family member
  • Flexibility for those who need to adjust their working hours
  • We also have a range of resources and tools for staff, to promote positive health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What to do if you have symptoms or a confirmed case of Covid-19

Full details on what to do for students and staff are available on our dedicated ‘What to do if you have symptoms or a confirmed case of Covid-19' web page.

Joining the national effort to tackle Covid-19

Staff, students and partners of Keele University have come together to help in these unique times, fulfilling the University’s civic duty and truly embracing its founding principles. Find out more here.