Keele University Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic

The Keele University Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic is now fully open and available to everyone!!

We are offering ALL patients the option of virtual online or face to face clinic appointments for all your Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation needs.

We are re-launching as a student-led training clinic, hence the low price of £15 per session. 

ALL appointments will be supervised by a Chartered Physiotherapist.
No referral needed.
No Sports Centre membership required.
You do not have to be a member of the Keele Community. 

The Clinic is available to everyone!

"Having worked most of my professional career within the NHS I am fully aware of the difficulty that faces patients and clinicians with regards to accessing and delivering effective, timely and thorough Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation after injury or illness. Understandably, with pressures on the NHS forever increasing, NHS Physiotherapy appointments can be delayed, short and so often cannot cater for longer term rehabilitation. Privately there is availability and resource but this is not always affordable, especially for longer term goals. This is where our clinic comes in.....

The Keele University Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic is a training facility for our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Exercise Science students. Part of their degree programme is to gain valuable practical patient experience. The clinic will do just that. By attending our clinic you will provide our students with a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop their clinical skills. In turn, you have access to affordable, professional, detailed and effective Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Our sessions will be carried out by our students under the guidance and observation of qualified Chartered Physiotherapists, such as myself, so the management will ALWAYS be supervised. 

It is a very exciting prospect. Perhaps, just perhaps, this clinic may help Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation become accessible and affordable for everyone. Help our students to help you! "

A word from our Clinic Director - Katie Brown (HCPC, MCSP, BSc Hons and MSc Physiotherapy


"I felt listened to for the first time in years" SM

"Katie really understood the problem. She took time to listen to me and offered a clear and educational explanation of my diagnosis. Thank you!" LT

"I wasn't sure what could be gained from virtual physiotherapy but Katie has really helped me understand my issues and has started me on exercises to start to treat it" MM"

"Attending the clinic has given me the confidence to get going again" BL