Student Eats

“Student Eats” is a collaboration between the National Union of Students’ (NUS) and Keele’s Students’ Union to establish a food growing scheme for students on campus. More and more students are becoming interested in growing their own produce, and are becoming conscious of the ethical and environmental impact of their food choices.

Student Eats provides a great opportunity to grow, eat and share food which is organic, nutritious, fresh, local, low-carbon and – most importantly of all – delicious.

The NUS gave a starting-up grant but, over time, the project is working to become sustainable from an economic standpoint. This means that one of the project's aims is to eventually have a cut of the produce sold at low-cost to other students or on-campus catering services.  The remaining produce is shared amongst the volunteers.

This is a great opportunity if you want to learn about growing your own food, running a small business, or just want to volunteer on campus.

To get involved, join our Sustainability Community and you can check out our Facebook group, talk to someone who is already taking part, or join us in our weekly gardening sessions taking place (please check on the KeeleSU website, or on the group for when the gardening sessions are taking place).