Environmental Science and Geography 

(2018 Entry)

BSc (Hons)

At Keele, studying a combined honours degree will include some modules from both of the single honours degrees. In this case, your programme will be made up of a combination of modules from both Environmental Science and Geography.

Combined Honours
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3 years/ 4 years with international year

UCAS code: FL97

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Course Overview

In the Environmental Science element of the course, you will develop the scientific understanding and practical skills needed to tackle many of the world’s major environmental (and societal) problems such as climate change, food security, water resources, pollution and conservation.

Our Environmental Science course at Keele draws on the expertise of scientists within the disciplines of life sciences, chemical sciences and geosciences to emphasise the role and importance of scientific understanding and practical skills in the analysis and management of environmental problems. Alongside studying topical global environmental issues, you will have the opportunity to develop a broad range of practical, laboratory and field-based skills to take into future employment.

This course is accredited by the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES), meaning students can gain free membership of the IES to support their personal and professional development in the environmental sector. All organisations, from private business to local government, increasingly need to engage with environmental issues; hence this is one of the fastest growing areas of employment opportunities.

Through completion of a reflective portfolio, you will also have the opportunity to gain accreditation from the Institute of Leadership and Management alongside your Keele degree.

In the Geography element of the course, you will develop a core foundation in the first year from which you will have the flexibility to pursue a diverse range of specialisms and interests in the second and third years, allowing you to explore your interests within the subject. You'll learn to access and engage with the latest research in which the majority of our staff are engaged; undertake effective fieldwork; utilise a range of methods to collect and analyse qualitative data; plan and undertake research; and use specialist software such as GIS to address geographical problems. We offer a range of local field excursions, which for many students are the highlight of their learning experience. Our campus provides an ideal venue for some of our work, whilst field courses run locally and overseas provide an opportunity to broaden your horizons. We provide field course routes that incur no additional costs with only some optional trips involving additional charges. You will also have access to excellent computing and laboratory facilities. You'll develop a wide range of transferable and subject specific skills that are highly valued by employers.

What will this mean for my future?

Your interdisciplinary perspectives, problem-solving skills and the ability to research, evaluate and synthesise information from diverse sources are relevant to a broad range of careers including those in transport and planning and the environmental and retail sectors. They also provide an ideal training for postgraduate study and research.

Indicative modules


Year One

  • Environmental Science Skills
  • Introductory Geology for the Environmental Sciences
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Introductory Environmental Chemistry
  • Geographical Skills
  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • Human Geographies
  • People and the Environment

Year Two

  • Human Impacts on the Environment: Scientific Perspectives
  • Environmental and Sustainability Impact Assessment and Research Planning
  • Environmental Analytical Methods
  • Dynamic Geographies
  • Geographical Research Training
  • Practical Physical Geography*
  • Practical Human Geography*
  • Regional Landsystems*
  • Space and Society*

*Two modules to be selected.


Year Three

  • Applied Environmental Science Independent Research Project
  • Clean Technology*
  • Contemporary Topics in Environmental Science*
  • Environment and Sustainability Case Study*
  • Applied Insect Ecology*
  • Applie Fish Biology*
  • Trees in their Environment*
  • Natural Hazards*
  • Hydrological and Engineering Geology*
  • Advance Topics in Sedimentology*

*Three modules to be selected.

  • Dissertation
  • Glaciers and Glacial Geomorphology*
  • Global Environmental Change*
  • Water Resources*
  • Coastal Environments*
  • Applied GIS*
  • Inspirational Landscapes*
  • Postcolonialism in South Asia*
  • Economic Development and Environment Transformation*
  • Geographies of Children and Youth*
  • Rural Geographies*

*Select modules from list