Nadeem, Economics and Mathematics

I chose Keele because it was good for my course (Mathematics and Economics) and had a high employability rate. Keele has a beautiful campus and so welcoming. The modules that Keele had interested me and would help me develop a skill-set, which would get me ready for a life of work and a head-start in my career. The programme of study became more specialised each year as well as the selection of modules, which allowed me to pick modules that I had particular interest in.

The lecturers also enhanced the programme, with their knowledge and banter to make lectures engaging for us and some of my favourite modules include; Financial Mathematics, the Maths teaching/education modules and the Professional Mathematics modules. Learning from others in a setting and applying my knowledge to real-life scenarios, was enjoyable and I made some amazing friends on my course.

One lecturer I always enjoyed was David Bedford (no, he did not pay me to write this!). His lectures were always engaging and he always showed us application of knowledge - something I found particularly helpful. I was fortunate enough to have him as my personal tutor in my final year and he went above and beyond - giving me hints for my career, checking up on progress with my job applications and being supportive of my endeavours. David always gave amazing feedback too - so I knew where I could sharpen my skills to become better at what I do. A massive thanks to David for everything he did for me at Keele.

I'd definitely say my analytical skills have improved massively as well as my ability to problem solve. Sometimes in the workplace you're expecting a certain result, but you don't get what you expect - but these skills help you identify as to why this may not be the case and how the result was obtained. Having a Maths degree gives you a keen eye for detail and this is something employers love. My team working and presentation skills have been enhanced by working in groups for some modules as well as presenting to a panel of lecturers helped me interact with a variety of people and prepared me for the workplace.

There are tonnes of opportunity at Keele from being involved in sports societies, academic societies as well as cultural/religious societies. I was involved in the Islamic Society as well as being part of the squash team and this really enhanced my student experience - giving me countless opportunities as well as me being able to call Keele 'a home away from home'.

I am currently an auditor as well studying for my ACA (Chartered Accountancy exams). I hope to qualify and move into the field of Strategy and Operations, where my skills can be developed further, whilst utilising all I learnt in my degree as well as my personal skillset. 

Keele is a great place to study Mathematics at university. The modules are interesting and engaging Lecturers and support staff are super helpful as well as the community on campus. There is so much opportunity at Keele for you to focus on what you enjoy/what you want to go into afterwards and this is something I really appreciate post university and from speaking with colleagues.

I would say to take every opportunity that comes your way. University life is a wonderful period, and especially at Keele where there is a real community. Staff and students are very friendly, so it has a wonderful atmosphere. If you are struggling or don't get something first (or second or third...!) ask someone! People are always around in the Maths building and they honestly don't mind explaining stuff. It reinforces their understanding too, so it is mutually beneficial!

Finally, Keele is phenomenal for its vast campus, so if you are thinking of applying...come and have a look. You might be the next Euler discovering a break-through at Keele Hall or you could be the next Gauss solving that all-important equation by Keele lake. What are you waiting for?!