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From accounting, finance and economics, to management, marketing and human resources, our courses are designed to inspire, develop and challenge you. As a Keele Business School student, you’ll study alongside innovative companies that are based in the Business School building, a hub for fostering networks and linking with industry.

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In this video our students and staff share their personal experiences of studying at Keele. This video was filmed in May 2023 – experiences and opportunities may vary for future years.

My favourite aspect of studying here is the atmosphere that's fostered, especially in the business school. People constantly bounce ideas off each other. Employers frequently express their preference for students who are ready to hit the ground running. Our students, exposed to employers and their practices, are indeed prepared for the world of work. This is reflected in our high employability rating, with students and employers both highly satisfied. I believe you should study at Keele for the experience and the interaction with various businesses.

It's a tight-knit community, with many lecturers readily available to assist you, and ample opportunities to interact with businesses and secure internships. When researching universities, I found that the business modules were tailored to what students wanted to do, allowing me to study social entrepreneurship and a business plan, aligning perfectly with my goals. I particularly appreciate the practical, hands-on approach to learning.

Studying business covers a wide range of topics, from marketing and people management to accounting, finance, and economics. Gaining knowledge in these areas provides an excellent foundation for any business field you wish to pursue. We've had the opportunity to visit businesses, engage directly with CEOs, and tackle real-world issues, emphasizing the practical side of business, which is what inspired my future career path.

While essays are part of university, they don't solely define the business world. The practical, hands-on opportunities here are abundant if you apply yourself, offering numerous possibilities for personal and professional growth.

At the business school, we're fortunate to have a unique environment with businesses within the school. This sets us apart and offers a distinctive proposition for students looking to study at Keele. Our slightly smaller school size ensures that you don't become just another number to us.

I strongly encourage you to pursue a business degree because it is essential in various walks of life, from managing hospitals and governments to financial institutions and sports. It's a versatile and always-in-demand degree, and if you're passionate about it, it can be highly rewarding.

I wholeheartedly recommend studying at the business school. The opportunities available, particularly if students apply themselves, are extensive. You can engage in workshops and secure internships, making it a valuable and enriching experience.