Sana Shah

I chose to study at Keele university due to its diverse programme. There is a balance between lectures, fieldwork and practical sessions. I was also very intrigued by some of the first year modules such as ‘ESC-10034 - Geology: Time and Space’ and ‘ESC-10054 - Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology’ due to never having learnt about such concepts before. Being able to learn any language along with my degree, was also one of the reasons why I picked Keele University.

The course is very diverse, the modules cover different aspects of geoscience. This was particularly useful when I was trying to find out what future field of geoscience I wanted to go into. The different aspects of geoscience are covered in different ways such as lectures, fieldwork and practical sessions. The main strength of the course is how supportive the lecturers are in the department, for example Dr Ian Stimpson who has an open door policy for students to come and see him.

There are multiple seminars from guest speakers who are potential employers for geologists. GGE also has multiple opportunities for internships, gaining first-hand industrial experience. Career events take place in the Keele hall every semester and there are companies from various backgrounds. There is also the STAR program, where as a student representative for Geoscience, I talk to students about the course and represent their opinions in a student representative meeting with staff. I am currently the Geology for Global Development (GfGD) champion for Keele University, which is a role in the Keele University Geo Society (KUGS). I help to promote the sustainability goals of the UN through my role as GfGD champion. I am also a student ambassador, helping new students feel welcome on campus and giving campus tours.

I am hoping to become an engineering geologist or hydrogeologist in the future. I am currently studying the module ‘ESC-30022 - Hydrological and Engineering Geology’, which is helping me to pick between doing a hydrology masters or an engineering geology masters. The course also helped me to prepare for the future by improving my written report skills and presentation skills.

My advice to anybody considering studying geology at Keele would be to get involved into as many societies as possible that the lecturers recommend
like the ‘Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland’, as it gets you involved in the geology industry. Also, to talk to lecturers about your future, they can help to you plan a pathway towards your future goals.