Lois Reeves

I always enjoyed the physical aspects of geography yet having not done ‘environmental science’ as an A-Level I was worried about my background knowledge before studying it. However, it was definitely a risk worth taking as I love the subject. It seemed natural for me to do a degree studying the environment as it was already one of my main passions and I wanted to further my education in an area I was interested in. Similarly, the environment is a growing area in the employability sector. and I wanted a degree that opened lots of doors for me as opposed to being a very specific course. When I attended the open day I spoke to the Environmental Science lecturers to find out more about the course and realised it sounded like an area I would be interested in and would enjoy. This prompted me to study it as a combined honours alongside geography.

I love how practical the course is. I thrive in outdoor environments and it has been great to be able to conduct lots of fieldwork alongside typical lectures. I feel like the practical experience I have gained is extremely valuable due to how it mirrors real life scenarios. It has made me feel more confident in applying for jobs as I have gained relevant knowledge and experience conducting appropriate pieces of course work. The field trips will always be a highlight of the course for me as I enjoyed visiting new places and carrying out projects right from the planning to the presentation stage. The breadth of areas I have studied has also been a highpoint. Even within specific modules it has given me the opportunity to study the environment from a wide range of perspectives which has challenged views I originally held before starting my degree.