Joe Myall, Geography

Studied: Single Honours Geography (2013 - 2016). Graduated with a 1st in 2016.

Please describe the steps you took after graduating from Keele (e.g. travel, further study, employment): 

After graduating from Keele I went straight into my first job as a GIS Technician at the rural payment agency. This involved me digitising changes to farmers land using intelligence supplied by the Ordnance Survey, remote sensing and the farmers themselves in order to affect their claim. Within a few months I was promoted to Quality Checker and therefore involved with providing training and help to the rest of the team. In July I was offered a job by MWH, an environmental consultancy and technical engineering company, as a water network modeller. Currently I’m helping to map potential mains replacement around London, but my exact role is varying all the time.

How do think that the knowledge and skills you gained during your Geography degree helped you get to your current position?

Studying geography gave me a wide range of knowledge and skills – I was able to use my interview to talk about water resources, environmental management and GIS. Showing some of the work I had done at Keele, especially my dissertation, played a key role in getting a job with a company that I am really interested in. The degree made sure I had a lot of transferable skills including report writing, analytical skills and crucial time management, as well as knowing how to write an effective CV and job application in the first place. My degree also gives me confidence in my flexibility – I’ll help with anything now and have the confidence that I can be an asset. My time at Keele also gave me the confidence to take the promotion to QC in my previous job and believe I could train and teach new things to people who have far more experience than me in the field than me. 

Have you got any advice/top tips for a prospective Geography student coming to Keele?

Find out what you enjoy and find out what you are good at and follow those things further. Make your dissertation something that you are passionate about, it will take up a year of your life! Enjoy the field trips, they are the best way to actually see and understand what you are learning about. Iceland was one of the best places I’ve ever been and left me with plenty of great memories!

Produced August 2017