Geography and Sociology 

(2018 Entry)

BA (Hons)

At Keele, studying a combined honours degree will include some modules from both of the single honours degrees. In this case, your programme will be made up of a combination of modules from both Geography and Sociology.

Combined Honours
Study abroad
Learn a language
International year
3 years/ 4 years with international year

UCAS code: LLJ7

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Course Overview

For the Geography element of the course, you will develop a core foundation in the first year from which you will have the flexibility to pursue a diverse range of specialisms and interests in the second and third years, allowing you to explore your interests within the subject. You'll learn to access and engage with the latest research in which the majority of our staff are engaged; undertake effective fieldwork; utilise a range of methods to collect and analyse qualitative data; plan and undertake research; and use specialist software such as GIS to address geographical problems.

Our campus provides an ideal venue for some of our work, whilst field courses run locally and overseas provide an opportunity to broaden your horizons. We provide field course routes that incur no additional costs with only some optional trips involving additional charges. You will also have access to excellent computing and laboratory facilities.

For the Sociology element of the course, you will be provided with a grounding in the core concepts of Sociology, develop your skills in carrying out social research, and enable you to explore a range of important social issues. Our course covers topics such as social inequalities, culture, identity and belonging, families and households, health, religion and belief, the media, and crime and deviance. Beyond these topics, we are also concerned with the role of consumer culture in our lives; processes of globalisation; urban development; issues around environment and ecology; migration; and how social media influences our relationships and understanding of the world around us. Studying Sociology will enable you to think independently, critically, and imaginatively about the issues that shape our everyday lives and our futures. We will encourage you to develop sociological explanations for the wide ranging changes taking place in the contemporary world and think about potential solutions to urgent social problems. 

What will this mean for my future?

 As a geographer, you'll develop a wide range of transferable and subject specific skills that are highly valued by employers.

A Sociology degree from Keele will encourage you to become an imaginative, creative, and pragmatic thinker who is able to think about problems critically with a view to working out practical solutions. Sociology is an evidence-based subject so you will also develop skills in problem-solving, using knowledge, information, and data to enable informed decision-making. This varied skill set is useful for a wide range of occupations and professions. Our graduates have entered work in fields including social care, the health sector, advertising and marketing, the charity sector, youth services, and local government.