Luke Riley, Mathematics with Integrated Master's, 2015 - 2019

Current employment: Mathematical Analyst at Codeweavers Ltd.

I chose Keele as when I went to the open day I loved the look of the campus and the lecturers were very welcoming and everyone I spoke to said what a nice place it was to study, in the end it was an easy choice.

The variety of modules on offer at Keele allowed me to study modules I enjoyed while also studying modules that helped develop vital skills required for a professional job role. There is something for everyone.

I enjoyed a variety of modules such as, Mathematical Biology, Professional Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics and Numerical Modelling of Partial Differential Equations as these modules provided a mixture of enjoyable mathematical problem solving and a real world context that has helped me massively in my job.

The maths programme at Keele allowed me to learn how to work through a mathematical problem applying real life context wherever possible and how to present solutions to problems in a well structured report style that helps when displaying work I have done to non mathematicians. Most importantly, I developed an ability to problem solve in a logical way which I have found to be vital in a Mathematical Analyst role.

My career aspirations are to never find myself in a role where I feel I have finished learning. I wish to be constantly improving in a role and to never stagnate. As long as I’m learning new things in a job role I’m happy as it will constantly provide me with new challenges and not become boring.

Don’t hesitate to ask the lecturers for help when you need it, the Maths lecturers at Keele go above and beyond for students in a way you would struggle to find elsewhere, and be ready to ruin some shoes as it gets muddy in the winter!