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Hi, my name is Leah, and I'm a third-year math student. My name is Olly Tyso, and I study biology and math at Kiel University. For me, it was about figuring out which areas of math I enjoyed the most. When you start a math degree, you've already completed your A-levels and some modules, but you haven't had the chance to explore many specialties until university. So having all those options, especially the pure ones, was very exciting. It allowed me to discover which areas I truly enjoyed and explore applications that I didn't even know existed.

This journey has been exciting and enjoyable. Moreover, it has been a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. When I studied math in school, there were only five of us who pursued further math, and I was the only girl. Going to university and meeting many others who share my interests has been a fantastic experience. I've even maintained contact with one of my math lecturers from my foundation year, who strongly encouraged me to major in math. He has been incredibly supportive and even gave me the chance to assist in one of his modules last year, which was an amazing experience.

The math department has always been supportive and responsive to any questions, concerns, or issues. They are willing to listen and help until problems are resolved. Despite recent unusual circumstances, the department has managed student support exceptionally well and continues to deliver high-quality content through lectures.

I've made wonderful friends during my time at Kiel, which inspired me to join the math committee. This year, I'm the secretary, and despite the challenges due to the pandemic, we've been trying to organize events to keep everyone engaged. In my first year, I attended some society events, but there wasn't much happening. In my second year, I became the secretary, and this year, I'm the president. It's been quite challenging, but we've managed to organize games nights, meetings on Discord, and playing games like Among Us. We received a university grant to purchase Jackbox on Steam, which has added to the fun. Even in remote settings, it's essential to have activities that connect people.

As someone pursuing an interdisciplinary degree, I want to carry that into my future career. Currently, I'm considering pursuing a master's in biorobotics, which aligns perfectly with my interests. This program will allow me to continue exploring my love for biology while incorporating my passion for math. Biorobotics involves creating robots that mimic biological systems or use biological components, such as those powered by chlorophyll or robots designed for delivering medication within the body or exploring the deep oceans. It's an exciting and emerging field.

One of the great aspects of math is that many job opportunities are still emerging. When you start your degree, some jobs may not exist, but they will by the time you graduate. I'm genuinely excited about pursuing this master's degree.