Patient Information

EasyHealth - patient information leaflets for people who have learning disabilities, or who struggle with English; content is added by a range of providers

Health Literacy Geodata - this tool provides an estimate of the percentage of a local authority population with low health literacy / numeracy

Health Literacy Programme - from the eLearning Hub for Health (eLfH); "learners will find out why health literacy is important and how to use some simple techniques including TeachBack, chunk and check, using pictures and simple language to improve how they communicate and check understanding with others". Log in on the main page using the OpenAthens option.

Medinfo – provides easy to understand medical information and advice on conditions, drugs, tests and immunisations. Written by a UK GP.

Medline Plus - US-based easily accessible information

NHS website - gateway to information regarding the NHS

NIHR Evidence: health information: are you getting your message across? - best practice for creating health information

Patient UK - collection of Patient Information Leaflets (PILs), self-help contacts and links to sources of (mainly UK) Internet-based health information. Written by UK GPs.

PIF-Tick - independently-assessed UK quality mark for trusted health information. It is operated by PIF (Patient Information Forum)

Animated Minds - a series of short animated documentaries, using the stories of real people experiencing mental heath issues

MacMillan Cancer Support - stories and videos from cancer patients, carers and families talking about their experiences of dealing with cancer

Mental Health Foundation - videos and podcasts discussing mental health issues

Mind: Your Stories - blogs and vlogs about wide range of mental health issues

Parkinson's UK - real life patient stories

Patient Stories - range of resources expressing patient experiences. License required for formal educational use.

Patient UK Health Experience Forum - a forum allowing people to share their experiences.

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