Patient Information

EasyHealth - patient information leaflets for people who have learning disabilities, or who struggle with English; content is added by a range of providers

Medinfo – provides easy to understand medical information and advice on conditions, drugs, tests and immunisations. Written by a UK GP.

Medline Plus - US-based easily accessible information

NHS website - gateway to information regarding the NHS

Patient UK - collection of Patient Information Leaflets (PILs), self-help contacts and links to sources of (mainly UK) Internet-based health information. Written by UK GPs.

Animated Minds - a series of short animated documentaries, using the stories of real people experiencing mental heath issues

Health Talk Online - a database of personal, patient experiences in a range of formats including video and written. The information collected is based on qualitative research into patient experiences, led by experts at the University of Oxford.

MacMillan Cancer Support - stories and videos from cancer patients, carers and families talking about their experiences of dealing with cancer

Mental Health Foundation - videos and podcasts discussing mental health issues

Mind: Your Stories - blogs and vlogs about wide range of mental health issues

Parkinson's UK - real life patient stories

Patient Stories - range of resources expressing patient experiences. License required for formal educational use.

Patient UK Health Experience Forum - a forum allowing people to share their experiences.

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