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Occupational Therapy Critically Appraised Topics (OTCATs) - collection of critically appraised topics (CATS) in occupational therapy. These are short summaries of research evidence focussing on specific occupational therapy interventions. Please note that the CATs in this particular collection are not peer reviewed.

OT Seeker - database of abstracts of systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy. Trials have been critically appraised and rated to help judge the quality and usefulness for informing clinical interventions.

British Association of Occupational Therapy and College of Occupational Therapists (BAOT and COT) - professional, educational and trade organisation for UK occupational therapists. The site aims to provide members with the information and guidance they need to deliver high quality services.

World Federation of Occupational Therapists - international organisation for the promotion of occupational therapy. The site provides an international perspective, with the latest news and courses available world wide.

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