BMJ Specialty: Genetics

eMedicine Genomic Medicine

Genecards - a database of human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases

Genetics home reference - the US National Library of Medicine's extensive guide to understanding genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes responsible for those conditions

Medline Plus Genetics / Birth Defects

OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man. Database of human genes and genetic disorders

PharmGKB - tool to aid researchers in understanding how genetic variation among individuals contributes to differences in reactions to drugs.

Public Health Genetics Unit - contains disease profiles and information on: genetics and health service policy; genetic testing, screening and counselling; genetic epidemiology; the ethical, legal and social implications of genetics.

Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists - professional organisation representing Clinical Cytogeneticists and the study of Clinical Cytogenetics in the UK

Clinical Genetics Society - the professional body of UK Clinical Geneticists - medical doctors who specialise in the care of patients affected by or concerned about genetic conditions.

The Genetics Society - represents professional geneticists, organises scientific meetings and publishes leading genetics journals.

National Genetics Reference Laboratories