Emergency Medicine

BMJ Specialty: Emergency medicine

eMedicine Emergency Medicine

Resuscitation Council

Society For Acute Medicine Document Library

The Silver Book - "a set of quality standards for the emergency care of older people"

Association of Air Ambulances

British Association for Immediate Care

British Thoracic Society

British Trauma Society

College of Paramedics

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Society for Acute Medicine

Trauma.org - fully searchable image database

ECG Library - collection of realistic looking recordings which will help improve your ECG skills

ECG Wave-Maven - web-based ECG interpretation tutorial

Royal College of Emergency Medicine EMTA - includes information about training

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iResus - from the Resuscitation Council (UK). This app provides access to the latest 2010 resuscitation guidelines algorithms

PocketCPR - training tool to help users learn and practice CPR

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