Anatomy & Physiology

Gray’s anatomy of the human body - searchable online edition of the classic 1918 publication with full text and images

Introduction to muscle physiology and design - National Skeletal Muscle Research Center, University of California introduction to muscle physiology

Muscle atlas from the University of Washington - colour illustrations of individual upper and lower extremity muscles with concise information on origin, insertion, action, innervation, and arterial supply

Anatomy arcade - fun games to test your anatomy knowledge. Suitable for both students and health professionals. Games are broken down by system or by game type.

E-Anatomy - E-learning website with over 1500 slices from CT and MR examinations. Some are free others are subscription-only; registration is required for some features.

Enhanced neurological eye simulator - eye simulator developed by UC Davis University of California. It allows you to disable muscles and move the mouse to track changes in the movement of the eye.

Get body smart - online guide to anatomy and physiology with self help quizzes and flash tutorials.

Inner Body - interactive tutorials explaining various systems within the body.

Lumen Learn 'em from Loyola University Chicago - a study guide pertaining to the nervous system, developed and published by John McNulty and Michael Dauzvardis.

Virtual autopsy from the University of Leicester - read case histories and autopsy reports from the interactive cadaver, then view cause of death.

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Instant Anatomy (iphone/ipad, Android) - mobile learning tools from Robert Whitaker

Speed Anatomy Lite (iTunes, Android) - game to help users learn anatomy

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