Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre: Musculoskeletal Matters

BMJ Specialty: Rheumatology

Cochrane Group

Back and Neck Group / Musculoskeletal Group

eMedicine: Rheumatology

Health and Safety Executive: Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal Elf - blog discussing the latest research, policy and guidance

Musculoskeletal Research Facilitation Group CAT Bank - critically appraised topics from Keele and local NHS joint group

NICE guidelines: Musculoskeletal

Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

Arthritis Research UK

British Pain Society

British Society for Rheumatology

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

College of Occupational Therapists

European League against Rheumatism (EULAR)

International Association for the Study of Pain

National Institute for Health Research

Primary Care Rheumatology Society

Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI)

Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences (Keele University)

Society for Back Pain Research

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