Prime Hybrid Energy


Prime Hybrid Energy specialise in hardware manufacture and software design to create energy efficiency in an evolving market. Prime Hybrid Energy lead with control algorithms and flexible hardware coupled with a proactive approach to grid system management.


The aim of the project is to investigate the impact of battery storage on the decarbonisation of the UK’s future electricity supply network, and in particular to develop new and innovative products and services for battery storage in domestic applications and communal mini-smart grids.


The SEND project supports the introduction of batteries to allow peak time balancing of electrical use and to act as storage capacity for electricity produced by renewable sources. Improvements to battery lifecycles and adaptation of batteries in domestic, commercial, transportation and industrial settings is key element of the SEND and the RD&I priorities.  

Project Progress (June 2019):

The 3-year project will explore a number of research questions focussed on making storage batteries less expensive; making batteries that can store more energy by weight and making storage batteries safer. The project will also undertake comparative studies on battery storage materials, evaluation of performance of different battery storage technologies, the environmental impact of different battery technologies (toxicity, availability of raw materials); and the modelling of domestic battery storage and battery degradation costs.

Business Contact(s): Jason Ware

Wolverhampton Graduate Researcher: Folarin Ojetoro

Wolverhampton Academic(s): Professor Ndy Ekere

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