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Lucideon graphic Flash sintering is a recently developed technology which allows pressureless sintering of ceramic materials to occur at low temperatures. Flash sintering has the opportunity to offer net benefits, beyond increased energy efficiency, compared to contemporary alternatives of continuous sintering and microstructure control.

The project is researching the flash sintering of ceramic electrolyte materials for solid state batteries.


As part of the RD&I element of the SEND Programme, many areas of research are being coordinated to support the development of software, systems and new technologies to support the introduction low carbon mass produced energy.

Project progress (June 2019):

  • Development of a multiphase (multi electrode system)
  • In depth characterization of previous samples to examine microstructure generated under flash.
  • Examine sample surface temperature under flash with an optical pyrometer.
  • Goal: to produce samples suitable for assembly in test cells.
  • Long term: Switch to Li containing electrolyte

Business Contact(s): David Pearmain

Warwick Graduate Researcher: Gareth Jones

Warwick Academic(s): Dr Claire Dancer; Professor Emma Kendrick; Dr Geoff West

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