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DRM Equipment graphic Maintaining good levels of air quality is one of the foremost environmental problems facing our society today. Therefore, accurate particulate emission measurement is essential to understanding air pollution and consequently reducing its effects. This research project is focused on developing a technique for the accurate measurement of dust particulate in stacks within the range of 1 to 50mg/m3.

The recent changes in legislation are the driver of this project towards finding a solution for accurate measurement of dust particulate and therefore encouraging innovation through the analysis of existing methods to the development of a new dust sampling head.


As part of the RD&I element of the SEND Programme many areas of research are being coordinated to support the development of software, systems and new technologies to support the introduction low carbon mass produced energy.

Project Progress (June 2019):

  • Develop an isokinetic sampling head using CFD analysis to obtain a representative sample in small ducts from 75mm diameter with a flow rate up-to 50l/min.
  • Compare existing onsite reference method testing procedures at low concentrations to determine feasibility of minimising losses through the development of new product and procedures.
  • Design filter housing to minimise losses during handling of filters during on-site sampling using reference method techniques.
  • Develop new alternative method to measure mass concentration of dust particulate to minimise losses at low concentration (0.1-10mg/m3) as an alternative to the standard manual reference method being able to measure during boiler short cycling.

Business Contact(s): Martin McGraw, Lee Bloor

Staffordshire Graduate Researcher: Daniel Nicklin

Staffordshire Academic(s): Professor Hamidreza Gohari Darabkhani; Professor Torfeh Sadat-Shafai

Staffordshire University