Astec IT Solutions

Astec IT Solutions are a business that use the latest technology to introduce Smart Manufacturing to companies, enabling them to increase capacity and reduce operating costs.  Please visit Astec IT Solutions webpage for further details:


astec graphic The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) involves the use of networked smart sensors to enhance manufacturing processes. The analysis of data in such an environment is obviously challenging. 

This project aims to link ‘Internet of Things’ technologies with digital models of an environment (digital twins) ensuring the connection of real-time data and enhancing a company’s decision making. This project is investigating the adoption of a concurrent system that would have real-time monitoring with a link to a digital twin that would work in parallel to perform data analytics.


The data from SEND will feed into the project in order to train the system that is being created. When the digital twin of SEND is available, this system will be used to train the algorithms and the results of the project can also be fed back into SEND.

Project progress (June 2019):

  • Learning in statistical techniques for data analysis, machine and deep learning and programming languages and frameworks (Python).
  • Attended and submitted work for internal Keele seminars.
  • Comprehensive literature review of over 100 papers related to the industrial Internet of Things and Digital Twins completed which will be written up and submitted for publication.

Business Contact(s): Chris Barlow

Keele Graduate Researcher: Aidan Fuller

Keele Academic(s): Professor Zhong Fan; Dr Charles Day