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Adelan is a UK fuel cell technology company, working in global markets for clean air. The founders of Adelan – Professor Kevin Kendall FRS and Dr Michaela Kendall – invented the core micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cell (mSOFC) technology in 1992. Adelan develops new clean, green energy market opportunities through direct sales and collaborative partnerships with industrial customers.


Adelan graphic A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that produces electricity from an electrochemical reaction between a fuel (usually hydrogen) and air. This project focuses on new fuel cell control techniques through the modelling of a Micro-Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (mSOFC). The work will also design an electronic controllable unit to ensure compatibility with mSOFC and utilise machine learning controlling techniques with focus on the fuel cell life prediction. The project will demonstrate fuel cell lifetimes and operability improvement using the control approach developed as part of the work.


As part of the RD&I element of the SEND Programme many areas of research are being coordinated to support the development of software, systems and new technologies to support the introduction low carbon mass produced energy.

Project Progress (June 2019):

  • Continuing experimental testing to find the different variations on the system such as heat gradients and cooling fan profiles.
  • Being able to output data from the Adelan system more organized using most likely LabVIEW
  • Finish the literature review chapter
  • Getting ready for the qualifying report for Aston University PhD program.
  • Working on mathematical model to achieve initial dynamic results

Business Contact(s): Michaela Kendall

Aston Graduate Researcher: Konstantinos Zoupalis

Aston Academic(s): Dr Amirpiran Amiri; Professor Kate Sugden

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