About the Project

Youth Entrepreneurs is a research project funded by the European Commission – Marie Curie Actions - that aims to understand the entrepreneurial culture of young people in Europe today.  

Promoting youth entrepreneurship has become a crucial EU strategy in addressing young people’s difficult transitions to the labour market and economic growth.  Statistics have indicated that although young people show interest in starting up ventures, there is a big gap between intentions and realisation. Of the 48% of young Europeans (aged 15 to 29) that showed interest in starting up a venture, only 6.5 % were self-employed (Flash Eurobarometer, 2013).

Moreover, entrepreneurial activities tend to vary largely across European countries. In this study we aim to contribute for the understanding of these gaps and variability by exploring the determinants of youth entrepreneurship in two economically and culturally distinct countries: Portugal and the UK.

Using a transnational and mixed-method approach with different actors involved in entrepreneurial process (i.e. young people who are or intend to become entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and policy makers), in this research we aim to identify the different factors that foster or prevent young people from becoming entrepreneurs.

With the findings of this research we intend to outline support policies that could encourage entrepreneurial activities among young people in these contexts.