Centre for Glycoscience Research and Training

The Centre for Glycosciences was launched at the University in 2022 with the aim of becoming a nationally recognised hub.

Focusing on biology, chemistry and medicine, it builds on Keele’s extensive research in glycoscience by bringing together academics from multiple disciplines to drive ambitious and leading research, and train the next generation of glycoscientists at the University, with a strong focus on Masters and PhD students.

Glycoscience is a complex field that was long relegated to the fringes of biology. Its emergence from this position in the last 20 years, and particularly recently because of the pivotal role glycans play in the Covid-19 infection process, has dramatically increased its profile and established a requirement for fundamental research and training in carbohydrate science.

Upcoming research at the centre includes exploring new Covid-19 treatments, new carbohydrate-based biomaterials and improving how short molecules of DNA and RNA are synthesised, which will have a range of applications such as in genetic testing and forensics.

Professor Jonathan Wastling, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

"The University is investing in personnel, infrastructure and equipment to make this a centre where you can find expertise, facilities and some fantastic networks. It’s an exciting opportunity for Keele to host something at the forefront of science. Cross-discipline approaches will be essential as we think about our research moving forward."

Professor Jonathan Wastling, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Professor Gavin Miller

“We have two founding principles for the Centre – bold research and training. We want to play to our current strengths but also develop new, emerging areas. Heritage is important also and it is imperative that we train the next generations of glycoscientists here at Keele, who can then go on further build and achieve within this exciting scientific discipline.”

Professor Gavin Miller, Professor of Biological Chemistry and Director of the Centre for Glycosciences

Dr Aisling Ní Cheallaigh

"The ambitious, fundamental, and collaborative research program will provide a challenging and stimulating environment to train future generations of glycoscientists and allow the team to examine and solve some crucial glycoscience challenges. There is immense potential here to make significant advances in this field and create an internationally recognised research hub."

Dr Aisling Ní Cheallaigh, Senior Experimental Officer, Centre for Glycoscience Research and Training