International Relations and Politics 

(2018 Entry)

BA (Hons)

At Keele, studying a combined honours degree will include some modules from both of the single honours degrees. In this case, your programme will be made up of a combination of modules from both International Relations and Politics.

Combined Honours

Combined Honours degrees allow you to study two different subjects in one degree. Find out more about Combined Honours degrees.

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UCAS code: L251

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Course Overview

Politics is of vital importance to all of us in our daily lives. It concerns fundamental choices about the ways in which societies are organised and the way we are governed, both within nations and in the global community. With high rates of employability and student satisfaction, International Relations and Politics at Keele is an ideal programme for those who seek to better understand the world we live in.

Events in the world today are driven by forces both within countries and across them. Whether you want to understand the crisis in the Middle East or climate change, you need to understand both the internal politics of the countries involved as well as how different groups interact across borders. That is why a degree in International Relations and Politics at Keele will equip you with the necessary tools to understand and explain how power operates and how we might begin to tackle these issues.

You will study contemporary and policy relevant issues such as democracy, global inequality, protest, globalisation, regime change, energy security, environmental sustainability, human rights and gender politics. You can underpin these issues through an in-depth study of particular countries such as Britain, the United States of America and Russia as well as regions in Europe, Eurasia, Africa and the Middle East. Learning from the experts at Keele means you will be taught by researchers in the fields of International Relations and Politics doing cutting edge research in key issues relevant to your studies and working experience.

What will this mean for my future?

As an International Relations and Politics graduate, there will be many career possibilities available to you, both inside and outside the national and international world of politics. Our graduates are to be found in a wide range of jobs from commerce to industry as well as the civil service, journalism, law, security services, political research, diplomacy and teaching. Some of our well-known graduates include Laurence Mann, the political private secretary to David Cameron, Jonty Bloom, Business correspondent for the BBC, Farah Faisal, High Commissioner for the Maldives and Paul Rimmer, Director at the Ministry of Defence.

Indicative modules

First Year

  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Securing Global Order
  • Why Politics Matters
  • Modern Democracies
  • Choice of module inside or outside of International Relations and Politics

Second Year

  • Contemporary International Relations Theory
  • Peace, Conflict and Security: Theories and Practice
  • Political Research in Practice
  • Freedom and Equality
  • Why Policy Changes
  • Choice of module inside or outside of International Relations and Business

Third Year

  • Dissertation
  • Arms Control and Disarmament
  • Feminism and Gender in Global Politics
  • The Left in Modern Politics
  • The Modern Middle East
  • Choice of module inside or outside of International Relations and Business