This Is Politics and International Relations at Keele

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Politics at Keele explores fundamental choices about power and how we are governed, whilst International Relations explores global affairs, as well as ideas, interactions, and structures that affect almost everything around us. If you want to change the world, or simply understand what it is and your place within it, then studying International Relations or Politics at Keele could be for you.

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In this video our students and staff share their personal experiences of studying at Keele. This video was filmed in May 2023 – experiences and opportunities may vary for future years.

As soon as I arrived at Keele, I started exploring the campus and meeting the lecturers. I was instantly captivated; there's something undeniably welcoming about Keele. It's like a tight-knit society or community where people from diverse backgrounds converge into one place.

Keele has played a significant role in enhancing my skills. I've learned to engage in debates, improve my essay writing, and gain the confidence to take on challenges in the world and make a meaningful impact.

In the politics program at Keele, we strive to prepare students for their future careers and life beyond Keele. We focus on skill development and personal growth. Our commitment includes offering constructive feedback to help students improve and addressing their questions.

Graduating with a politics degree from Keele equips students with skills such as effective debate, negotiation, and teamwork. These abilities are highly valuable in the workplace.

Keele welcomes students from North America, Europe, and Asia, who bring their unique experiences, skills, and knowledge to the university, enriching the learning environment.

The career support at Keele is outstanding. The careers team provides guidance on interview preparation for internships and reviews CVs, offering invaluable assistance. They also conduct informative sessions about job opportunities related to your degree, giving you insights into the job market.

I adore the lecturers, the people, and the campus. My experience at Keele has significantly boosted my confidence, making me feel well-prepared for the workplace. Engaging with others and presenting has been instrumental in boosting my self-assurance, making me more confident in entering a professional environment.