History and International Relations 

(2018 Entry)

BA (Hons)

A key component of engaging with the world around us is understanding how humans, through the use of power and other forces, have tried to organise their lives, societies and states. Such an appreciation of the past is essential to understanding where we are today and how we are attempting to shape the future.

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UCAS code: LVF1

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Course Overview

International Relations and History covers key historical understandings and patterns in order to explain the social and political organisation of the past, today and tomorrow. You will learn the skills of a historian as you deepen your understanding of past eras, continents and cultures from political, social and religious perspectives. You will also learn the skills of political analysis as you examine and explain the social, political, economic structures that have shaped the global arena and continue to impact on our daily lives. You will develop an understanding of the different approaches to both disciplines and the range of theories and methods used.

International Relations and History encompasses a broad range of topics, from societies in the very distant past to contemporary migration, conflict, gender, security, and the EU, in order to understand how social and political organisation today comes from that of yesterday.

What will this mean for my future?

The International Relations and History degree encourages you to develop as a pragmatic, analytical, and creative thinker – skills which are useful and highly valued in a large number of careers. Because of this, the careers record of Keele International Relations and History graduates is excellent. Some of the common destinations include political research, think-tanks, journalism, education, management, the civil service, local government and the voluntary sector, as well as in the preservation, archival and museum sectors. Many of our graduates go on to postgraduate study with many choosing to stay at Keele. 

Indicative modules

First year 

  • Securing Global Order
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • International Relations since 1945
  • Histories of the Extraordinary and the Everyday
  • Modern History

Second year 

  • International Organisation: Mitigating Anarchy
  • Peace, Conflict and Security
  • Political Research in Practice
  • Freedom and Equality
  • The Politics of the EU
  • Why Policy Changes
  • Castle and Cloister in Medieval Europe
  • Right-Wing Movements in Interwar-Europe

Third year 

  • Dissertation in both subjects
  • The Modern Middle East
  • The Missing Dimension
  • Britain during the Cold War
  • Religion, Rebellion and the Raj
  • Kingship of Edward II
  • The Making of Contemporary Africa
  • Gender and Sexual Identity in Victorian Britain