Criminology and Sociology 

(2018 Entry)

BA (Hons)

A degree in Criminology and Sociology enables you to explore a wide range of social issues and to consider the role of crime in societies past and present. Crime, deviance and social order are some of the most taxing issues our society faces.

Combined Honours

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UCAS code: LMH9

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Course Overview

Sociology and Criminology complement each other well in enabling students to understand broad issues revolving around social structure and social change, as well as the ways in which institutions, power systems, identity, culture and economics impact on crime and disorder. Sociology supports Criminology students by offering depth and background understanding. In many respects the history of Criminology is rooted in Sociology. As such, many of the ideas Criminologists use are sociological terms. For this reason, Sociology can help Criminology students to better understand concepts, analytical techniques, and social history. Criminology supports Sociology by offering a specific field for the application of sociological insights.

What will this mean for my future?

Many students who study this combination find their degree useful for careers in probation, social work, socio-legal work, the voluntary sector, and policing. Through your programme of study in Criminology you may be able to apply for opportunities to gain hands-on experience through volunteering in the community and/or work-experience with external agencies who work in criminal justice or resettlement. This range of opportunities will strengthen and diversify your skills, experience and your CV.

Indicative modules

First year

  • Understanding Crime
  • Criminal Justice: Process, Policy and Practice
  • Classical Sociology Punishment: Theory and Practice
  • Social Inequalities in the Contemporary World

Second year

  • Theoretical Perspectives in Criminology
  • Research Methods in Criminology or Sociology
  • Contemporary Social Theory

Third year

  • Dissertation in Sociology
  • Dissertation in Criminology
  • Criminology Work Placement
  • Gender and Consumption
  • Medical Sociology
  • Popular Culture and Crime
  • Drugs, High Crimes or Misdemeanours
  • Immigration, Crime and Social Control
  • Prisons and Imprisonment
  • Moving People: Migration, Emotion and Identity
  • Home: Belonging, Locality and Material Culture
  • The Virtual Revolution: New Technologies, Culture and Society