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BSc (Hons)

Keele’s award-winning teaching and research span the wide diversity of chemistry, helping you to develop subject knowledge and transferable skills in a supportive learning environment.

Single Honours
Study abroad
Learn a language
International year
3 years/ 4 years with international year

UCAS code: F101

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Chemistry was voted 1st for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2016

Chemistry was voted 1st for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2016

Our single honours or major route programme is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Course Overview

You’ll develop a solid foundation of theory and practical skills, building to cover advanced concepts and contemporary issues in chemistry in later years. You can tailor your studies to reflect your interests, and learn how to pursue your own research. You’ll have hands-on experience with state-of-the-art scientific instruments and techniques, and enjoy access to dedicated IT facilities. You’ll learn to use chemistry in problem solving, and to present your theories and findings confidently and imaginatively to your audiences. You could even spend a semester or year abroad. If you study our single honours or major route programme, your degree will be accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

What will this mean for my future?

The many opportunities offered by this course will equip you to confidently and skilfully pursue your chosen career. You might work in industry, research or education; you could choose to become a chemical engineer, research scientist, toxicologist, patent lawyer, analytical chemist or technical writer. Many students go on to higher study after a first degree in chemistry, allowing them to specialise in an area of interest such as analytical, forensic, synthetic or materials chemistry and eventually work in a wide range of other specialist roles.

Indicative modules

First year 

  • Chemical Concepts and Structure
  • Practical and Professional Chemistry Skills
  • Chemical Properties and Reactions
  • Sustainable Chemistry*∆
  • Mathematical Tools and Concepts in Chemistry*∆

Second year


  • Organic Synthesis and Chirality
  • Spectroscopy and Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Structural Inorganic Chemistry
  • Medicinal and Biological Chemistry 1*∆ 
  • Radicals, Phases and Co-ordination Chemistry*∆


Third year

  • Research Project 
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry 
  • Inorganic, Physical and Solid State Chemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics, Photochemistry and Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
  • Materials Chemistry and Catalysis 
  • Advanced Chemical Analysis
  • Synoptic Topics in Chemistry∆

* Single honours and ∆MChem modules only