Course Overview

Connecting the sciences of the brain (neurosciences) with the sciences of the mind (cognition), this MSc draws on our world-leading expertise in Psychology and Life Sciences. We consider how the brain and broader nervous system function at a biological and psychological level, from a human development and behavioural perspective. You will experience a range of research methods, using state-of-the-art equipment, such as EEG, eye tracking, galvanic skin response (GSR) measurements or brain stimulation, with opportunities to test neuropsychological patients, including stroke and Parkinson's sufferers. This gives you greater flexibility to work in clinical, healthcare, academic, business, government or pharmaceutical sectors. 

Key facts

  • Keele is ranked top 150 in the world for Psychology (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021).
  • High staff-to-student ratio, small-group tutorials and a strong, inclusive research community with the chance to work closely with two staff members on the research apprenticeship and dissertation.
  • Blend of research and practice-led teaching gives you unique access to state-of-the-art facilities and world-leading expertise from two specialist Schools, Psychology and School of Life Sciences.
  • Staff research includes EEG, eye tracking, vision, deafness, memory, cognitive control processes, behavioural and sensory neuroscience, and investigations of psychiatric and neurological patients.
  • Optional placement in Semester 1 or 2 provides valuable work experience and cultivates supportive networks and references for future employment.

MSc in Cognitive Psychology

Reasons to study MSc in Cognitive Psychology at Keele