Dr. Helen Williams

Title: Lecturer
Phone: +44 (0)1782 733664
Email: h.l.williams@keele.ac.uk
Location: Dorothy Hodgkin Building 1.78
Role: Disability Officer, Athena SWAN Champion
Contacting me: By Email
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I joined the School of Psychology at Keele as a Lecturer in October 2013. Prior to this I got my BSc, MSc, and PhD from the University of Leeds before moving to North America. From 2010 till 2012 I worked as a Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of Richmond, Virginia, USA, and from 2012 till 2013 I completed a second Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  

‌My research interests are metacognitive awareness, recognition memory, the Remember-Know paradigm, and cognitive aging and associated issues. My research mostly deals with higher order cognitive processes, specifically the judgments people can make when learning information or retrieving material from memory. The majority of my research to date has focused on how people make and understand judgments of subjective experience using an extension of Tulving’s (1985) Remember-Know paradigm that includes separate categories of Familiar and Guess. The central themes in my PhD research were: How should the subjective experiences of Knowing and Familiarity be defined and understood? What is the relationship between confidence and subjective experience? And how do objective manipulations influence subjective experience?

In April 2016 I was awarded an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) award of £213,355 from the Future Research Leaders scheme for a 3-year research project titled "Measuring Recollection and Familiarity in Ageing and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)". ESRC - Economic and social Research Council Logo 75x75- Helen Williams

This is a prestigious scheme through which the ESRC funds the research of a small number of early career researchers who have the potential to be research leaders in their field. This is the first such award to be secured by Keele University. I am mentored on this project by School of Psychology colleague Prof Nicola Edelstyn and am collaborating with Prof Glen Bodner at the University of Calgary. The planned research will compare novel methodologies for measuring memory impairments in ageing and MCI in order to assess which is the most reliable and valid for use in pre-clinical dementia screening. 

I have also done research into the associative deficit in aging; person perception: aging and Alzheimer’s disease; metacognitive awareness: judgments-of-learning (JOLs); and autobiographical memory.  More information about my research can be found here: http://helenlouisewilliams28.wordpress.com/

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Year 1

  • 10017 – Biological and Cognitive Psychology 1
  • 10020 – Natural, Unnatural, Supernatural: The psychology of unusual phenomena

Year 2

  • 20018 – Cognitive and Biological Research Methods in Psychology

Year 3

  • 30061 – Final Year Project
  • 30067 – Individual Differences and Conceptual Issues
  • 30114 – Everyday Memory and Amnesia