Move-in day

We look forward to welcoming you on to campus soon!

Our two main arrival days for September 2022 are:

  • 21 September 2022 for NEW international students or NEW students who are invited to take part in our Connect at Keele programme
  • 24 or 25 September 2022 for all other students.

You must book an arrival date and time as part of your accommodation induction which is in the accommodation portal.


You cannot move into your accommodation earlier than your contract date, which can be found in the review accepted contract section of the accommodation portal.  If you wish to arrive earlier than the date shown on your contract, please email to request an earlier arrival.  If we can accommodate an earlier arrival for you, your contract will be adjusted to reflect the earlier arrival date and you will be charged for the additional nights (calculated as your weekly rate divided by seven).

New international students

Additional preparation information including details of a free airport transfer service.


Please make sure you have completed your online accommodation induction before you arrive on campus. This is really important, as you will need to book your arrival slot as part of this.

At the end of the induction, you will be issued with your accommodation boarding pass - please print this and bring it with you. We won't be able to issue your keys to you without this. 

You will collect your keys from either the Chancellors or Darwin building, depending upon your arrival date and time.

Please bring your printed copy of your accommodation boarding pass to collect your keys. You will receive an email from us which will tell you where to collect them from when you arrive.

If you bring anyone with you to help you move in, please ask them to wait in the car whilst you collect your keys from us.

Please ensure you stick to your arrival time slot as best you can.

If you have arranged to arrive outside our main arrivals days, you will collect your keys from the Darwin Building. Once you arrive, please call 07469 414739 Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm.

We will come over to welcome you and give you your keys. We will need your student number so please have this ready.

Outside of these times please ring the bell at the security desk and our security team will assist you.


Once you have your keys, you will be given a one hour parking pass close to your halls of residence so that you can unload your belongings and move into your bedroom. After this time, you will need to move your vehicle to one of the main University car parks (not the halls of residence) to ensure students arriving after you can also unload their belongings easily.

Once you’re in your room on campus, it’s helpful if you can check it over. If there is any damage or something is broken or not clean, please log any concerns via the self-service desk. Please also see the below dropdown about completing your room inventory. 

Inside your room, you’ll find your copy of the Tenants’ Handbook. Keep this somewhere safe as it contains lots of information about the facilities in your hall, as well as explaining key regulations from your contract on what is expected from you as a tenant.

All rooms are fully furnished and a cleaning service is provided in all communal areas and bathrooms. Kitchen facilities are available in all residences. Please remember to bring the items listed in this packing checklist.

If you wish to pre-order a bedding pack and/or kitchen starter pack you can do this from Chaffinch Living and it will be delivered to your bedroom.

Shortly after you arrive, you will need to check your room inventory (items in your bedroom). It is very important that you do this or you may be charged for any missing or damaged items when you move out. You can do this via the accommodation portal, and we recommend you do this the day after you arrive.

You can find out more about Covid-secure accommodation measures here, and more general Covid-19 advice and guidance here.

New international student?

Find out more about our free airport transfer service.