Damages Procedures

Damage that is caused in the Halls of Residence and associated areas (Common Rooms, launderettes and grounds) detracts from the quality of life at Keele for current and future students. In order to maintain the facilities, it is necessary for us to charge for making good any damage that is caused.

The current Damage Charge Prices are available to view. Larger items such as carpets fluctuate in price, depending on the size of the room. We will get 3 quotes and use the one that represents best value for money for the University. You can request a copy of these. Damage will be repaired as soon as possible.

Damage to a student bedroom

  • If damage occurs in your bedroom, you will receive a letter from the Accommodation Services Manager indicating the estimated cost of the damage. The damage charge will then be sent out to you.
  • To allow us to repair damage as quickly as possible, you may be asked to vacate your bedroom whilst work is carried out. If this is necessary you will need to pack your belongings and tidy your room so that nothing is affected by the work.

Damage to communal areas

  • If damage occurs in communal areas in your hall then the Accommodation Services Manager will investigate informally at first by asking a few questions in the hall to try to identify the culprit.  This information is treated confidentially.
  • If no-one has been identified as causing the damage, the Accommodation Services Manager will then issue a notice of impending damage charge which asks students to come forward with any information so that the real culprit/s may be charged. The notice also gives an idea of the cost of rectifying the damage. At this point, this may only be an estimated cost.
  • If relevant information is given to the Accommodation Services Manager, they will usually contact the Residential Support Manager (the Resident Support Assistant may also be involved). If, after discussions and possibly interviews, those responsible for the damage are identified, then the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to them.
  • If individuals are not identified, then the cost of the damage is divided up between the residents of the block or those students who have access to the area affected.

General Information

  • Charges are sent out by e-mail from the Student Accommodation Office. For details of charges, please follow the link in your recieved e-mail.
  • An appeal against the charge should be made by e-mail to the Accommodation Services Manager within 7 days of receiving the charge.
  • If no agreement is reached an appeal may be made by e-mail to the Head of Accommodation Services within 10 days.

Deposits & Damage

When you accept a contract your advance payment includes a £150 deposit. This is held in case you are responsible for any damage or additional cleaning in your accommodation.

We want to maintain a high standard in our halls of residence for you  so if there is a problem, those responsible will be charged out of their deposits to put things right.

How do we identify charges?

When we are made aware of an issue in your accommodation we investigate to find out whether it has been caused by general wear and tear or deliberate or accidental damage.

If damage is caused by wear and tear, you won’t be charged. If we think it’s as a result of damage, whether accidental or on purpose a photograph will be taken and we’ll notify you by e-mail with details of the damage and cost. When you move out, your room and communal areas will be inspected and you will be charged for any damage.

Damage to Communal Areas

We understand that no-one wants to be charged for something they haven’t done and the only way this can be resolved is if whoever is at fault takes responsibility and owns up to causing damage.  Failure to do so will result in a communal damage charge.

How will I be charged?

If any charges are identified we will e-mail you with details of the damage and cost.  You will have 7 days in which to appeal, after which the charge will be added to your account.

How will I get my deposit back?

Any remaining balance of your deposit will be refunded into your bank account. To ensure you receive your refund as quickly as possible, you will need to supply us with your UK bank account details and you can update this on your Evision account.  Deposits are refunded within 28 days of the end of the occupancy period .