Advance payment

You will need to pay your accommodation advance payment before 31 August unless your offer of accommodation arrives after that date (in which case you can make the payment when you accept the offer). 

You will be asked to pay £450 which consists of a £150 room deposit that is refundable when you leave (less any charges for damage and outstanding fees) and a £300 advance payment which will be deducted from your first instalment of accommodation fees.  Your advance payment and deposit are allocated to your accommodation fees account. If you move to another room, this payment will transfer to the new room, on your accommodation fees account. You will not be required to make a second advance payment for the new room.

UK students should pay online here:

International students pay online here:

Accommodation fees

Accommodation fees are payable in three instalments - Dates and amounts can be found on page 3 of our Residential Terms & Conditions

For students living on campus for a single semester, the accommodation fee payment is due in full on the first instalment date.

If you have any difficulties making your accommodation payments please contact the Income Office who can help you set up a payment plan. Alternatively, you can contact Student Financial Support.  

For information on how to make accommodation fee payments.