Additional preparation information for international students

Please note: We strongly recommend that you arrive at the University for the start of your course, as stated in your offer letter and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Teaching for the majority of programmes will begin from Monday 22nd January, however, please consult your individual enrolment communications for specific details. 

If you are unable to arrive for this date due to delays, you will need to be on campus and complete the UKVI identity checks by the last date of arrival as stated on your CAS Statement - this is programme dependent, but for the majority, you will need to arrive within the first two weeks of teaching. Failure to do so will prevent you from continuing your studies at Keele. Please see our student visa page on 'Your responsibilities' for more information. 

Free airport transfer service 

We offer all international fee-paying and exchange students a free Meet & Greet airport transfer service on specific dates in September to align with arrivals and Welcome Week. This is available to new international students only. 

More information will be available about this service in the summer.

If you need to talk to someone, whether it’s about your studies or life outside of them, we have a Student Experience and Support team based within your Faculty to support you, including a member of the team dedicated to every School. 

These teams are part of Student Services, working closely with teams such as Counselling and Mental Health, Disability & Dyslexia, and Chaplaincy to ensure all students can easily access the support they need.

Visit this web page to find out about the team in your Faculty and how you can get in touch with them. 

There is also specialist visa and immigration advice and support available from the Immigration Compliance and Support Team - visit our Visa page for more information.

You will need to apply for an appropriate visa prior to coming to Keele to study. You can find further information about how to apply for your visa on the Immigration Compliance and Support web pages.

If you have applied for a Student Visa to study at Keele, you may need to collect a BRP card once you have arrived in the UK. During the Visa application process, you will have selected a pickup location. If you used the code 2HE542, you should be able to collect your BRP Card from Keele University. You will be emailed once we have received your BRP card from the UK Home Office UKVI and you will be given instructions on when and how you can collect it - this will be after you have enrolled online.

You will be emailed with a specific individual time slot and location to collect your BRP card, this will be outside of any timetabled teaching events.

The UK Home Office (UKVI) is encouraging all students to collect their BRP cards from their University, rather than using the Post Office, as the University will be able to inform you when your BRP card is ready for collection and you can avoid unnecessary travel and queuing.

If you have any queries or concerns about collecting your BRP card or need to see a copy of it, please contact Immigration Compliance by emailing

If you did not use the 2HE542 code, then you will need to make your own arrangements to pick up your BRP card at the collection location stated in your Visa Application Decision Letter from the UK Home Office. We are unable to assist with any collection location other than the University.

Like all students you will need to engage with your programme, and attend scheduled learning and teaching events (as shown on your timetable and advised by your School).

If you hold a Student Visa that is sponsored by Keele University, we are required to monitor your engagement and attendance by the UK Home Office. Please be aware that if you do not participate, engage with, or attend your programme, then we will have no choice but to terminate your studies. This may mean the cancellation of your visa.

Your student visa may also be cancelled in the following situations:

  • Failure to arrive and enrol on time for the start of your course
  • Changing your course when it is not allowed under the UK immigration rules
  • Withdrawing from, deferring or suspending your studies
  • Absences from any part of your course (without prior agreement)
  • Failure to attend a Compulsory Checkpoint - you will be notified of these during the academic year
  • Failure to pay fees to the University, including tuition fees and accommodation charges
  • Your studies being terminated by Keele University, including academic failure
  • Failure to abide by the University's rules and regulations
  • If you will be starting your programme by distance learning before you travel to the UK: If you do not engage with your programme through distance learning, then the UKVI require the University to cancel your CAS / Visa, meaning that you will not be able to travel to the UK or continue with your programme.
  • Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of what can cause a student to be withdrawn from the University, but guidance for you to consider.

For further information relating to your responsibilities to the University in terms of your visa application, please visit our Immigration web pages.

If you are a new student living off campus this year and not in University accommodation, you are eligible to register for the Airport Transfer Service explained above. Once your registration is confirmed, it will be arranged for the service to bring you to campus, from where you will be able to make your own arrangements for onward travel to your off-campus accommodation at your own expense.

We recommend that you purchase a Proof of Age card carrying the PASS hologram if you plan to purchase age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco while you are in the UK. Using this Proof of Age card means you can keep your passport safe! Please be aware that the ID you use in your home country may not be accepted in the UK.

Find out more about getting an official proof of age card.

There are so many opportunities for you as a Keele University student! All you have to do is explore the options and get involved with anything that interests you. For example, there are lots of clubs and societies for you to join at Keele Students' Union, or you could volunteer for a local charity or organisation. The University also has events throughout the year on important topics, such as looking after your mental health and physical wellbeing. There are lots of academic opportunities too, such as learning another language! 

Explore your opportunities

We know that continuing your studies in a new country in a second language can be daunting. The Language Centre is here to help you with your English, including how to write academic papers, becoming familiar with British academic culture, avoiding plagiarism and academic misconduct, in addition to using appropriate language and structures.

For this reason, all international students, for whom English is not their first language, need to attend an ‘Introduction to the Language Centre and Academic Language Support' session.

In this session, we will introduce ourselves and the modules that we offer. We will also ask you to provide a sample of your academic writing. We will use this to recommend modules and/or 1:1 tutorials that will help you while you are studying at Keele. This diagnostic will not affect your status as a student at Keele.

Additional materials on ‘An Introduction to Academic Essays’ and ‘How to avoid Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct’ will be provided at the end of these sessions to help you to prepare for your studies here at Keele.

If you have any questions about English support, you can contact the Language Centre at

Make sure you have downloaded the Keele App onto your device, or are accessing it regularly via a web browser - just go to - to view events taking place on campus.