Welcome back!

Returning students

We're really looking forward to you continuing your studies with us! Here are some pointers to help you find your feet.

Essential information

Make sure you've ticked these tasks off your to-do list before your studies recommence:

All students must formally confirm that they will be continuing at Keele this academic year. You will have received an email about this to your Keele email account, so please follow the instructions to re-register immediately. 

Choose your modules (if you haven’t already!).

If you are required to choose option or elective modules to study and you are returning to level 5 or 6, you should have already chosen them on eVision. If you haven’t done this, head to eVision now to make your choices.

If you are returning to study at level 4, you can now choose these modules.

Research your modules on these web pages and then head to eVision to make your choices.

Please check that your address details are up to date with your GP practice, and with the University too. Please contact your GP practice directly to update your details. If you are registered with Keele Practice, you can call them on +44(0)1782 753550.

Please also update the details the University holds for you in eVision

If you need to order a new Keele Card, please order this from the self-service portal.  

The Keele App is there to help you make the most of your life at Keele all year round, and is there for returning students as much as the new ones. Find out more about the App.

The App can be accessed via smart phones and tablets, as well as in your web browser - just head to app.keele.ac.uk to access it! You might already have the app on your phone - if so, we recommend you log out and back in again to ensure you're seeing all the latest features!

Want to get the dates in your diary for holiday periods, exam seasons, etc? Have a look at the University's key dates for the 2023/2024 academic year.

You will have been added to a module in the KLE called 're-induction' - these resources are there to support your learning so that you can familiarise yourself with the different delivery methods you may experience this year. The module also introduces you to any new systems or changes to systems. It’s important to work your way through this to ensure you are ready to engage with your course as soon as you’re back.

If you will be living on campus this year and would like a reminder of what to do before you arrive, what's included/not included in your room, how to pay your fees, or how to request a repair, please have a look at our Accommodation Welcome page

Make sure you have downloaded the Keele App onto your device, or are accessing it regularly via a web browser - just go to app.keele.ac.uk - to view events taking place on campus.