Vaccinations and registering with a health centre

Please ensure all your vaccinations are up to date for life in the UK. If you need any specific vaccines for your course, please contact your school to discuss these if you are at all unsure.

Moving to Keele campus or the local area?

If you will be moving to Keele or the surrounding area when you begin studying with us, you will need to register with a local GP surgery. Keele Practice (Health Centre) is located on campus. Please complete online pre-registration with the Practice before coming to University. It is essential that you register with a local GP to ensure that if anything were to happen to you during your time at Keele, the local hospital would be able to access your medical history.

Alongside MenACWY vaccinations, flu vaccinations will also be available for patients who register at the Practice.

Meningitis and the MenACWY vaccination

NHS England strongly advise that university entrants should be vaccinated with the Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY) vaccine before the beginning of the new academic term. The MenACWY vaccine is also routinely offered to teenagers in school years 9 and 10, however if you have missed this you can request it from your GP. Please get this vaccine as soon as possible as the risk of contracting Meningitis increases with communal living. If you have not had the MenACWY vaccination and will be coming on to campus, this will be available to you when you register at Keele Practice.

For more details about this vaccination, please visit the NHS website

Find out about the signs and symptoms of meningitis here

Covid-19 vaccination

From 30th June 2023, you are no longer able to book Covid vaccines online. Find out more about Covid-19 vaccines on the NHS website.

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