Dr. Linda Machin


Linda Machin began her career as a Medical Social Worker. From her experience in health and social care grew an interest in bereavement. She went on to conduct pioneering research into bereavement for the Anglican diocese of Lichfield, the findings of which lead to the development of published teaching material on grief and the setting up of a service for the bereaved, Bereavement Care (now the Dove Service) in North Staffordshire. An academic direction followed with teaching on both the social work and counselling courses at Keele.

During this time Linda set up a Bereavement Counselling certificate at Keele. Throughout her career she has been involved in research into bereavement and gained a PhD for work developing a new theoretical model, the Range of Response to loss model, and a measure for research and practice, the Adult Attitude to Grief scale. This innovative work has gained much interest in the field and recent research has validated the use of the AAG scale to calculate an indication of vulnerability in grief. The AAG scale is being used with a range of different service users and in a modified form e.g. for young people, people with a learning disability, in palliative care settings etc. The scale is also being integrated into the assessment repertoire of CORE IMS (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation Information Management Systems) a  well-respected assessment and monitoring system used across health and social care services in the UK and internationally – aag@coreims.co.uk


Keele web link to Linda’s work – Click on www.keele.ac.uk/mappinggrief


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